True Blue Kansas City

Kansas City is electric (blue) right now

It seems that right now a lot of other people around the country are figuring out what we’ve known for a while… Kansas City is the best! Even the mayor’s writing open letters about it. And our symphony is in on the action. Everywhere you turn, there we are loving our city and the Kansas City Royals. It’s pretty awesome.

blue kc royals blue kc MLB: ALCS-Baltimore Orioles at Kansas City Royals royals paul rudd royals slugger

While we’re cheering on our boys in the blue in the World Series, we’re reminded of all of the things that make KC the great place that it is. Here’s to a little continued civic pride even after Hosmer and Moose are done hitting home runs for the season (and after we win that Commissioner’s Trophy!)…  and to extending this spirit further into doing great things for our community.