Tips on using Internet ‘favorites’ or bookmarks & desktop shortcuts for MAACLink

Do you use an Internet ‘favorite’ or desktop shortcut to access MAACLink?

If so, that’s okay (we do too!). But, we’d like you to know a few things. Please read on for some tips and information…

First, some basics:

Internet browser = the program that you use to access the internet and view web pages on your computer. Commonly used browsers are – Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.

Desktop shortcut = an icon on your computer screen desktop that leads directly to a program, file or web page. In this case, we are specifically talking about it taking you to the web page for the MAACLink login screen.

Internet ‘favorite’ or bookmark = a way to save/mark a website address for easy access after opening your Internet browser. These are created/stored differently depending on what browser you use.

Tips for using favorites/bookmarks and shortcuts with MAACLink:

If you have created a shortcut or favorite/bookmark for MAACLink, they will most always get you to MAACLink login screen and even allow you to log in and work with/enter data. However, it’s important to know that if your shortcut or favorite is not updated occasionally, you might experience issues with MAACLink.

Our developers occasionally push out version releases to the MAACLink software (so broken things can be fixed and so new and improved functionality can be added). If you have not updated your shortcut or favorite on your computer since the last version release, you may not be on the most current version of the software.

To fix this, simply open your Internet browser (do not use the old MAACLink shortcut on your desktop) and go to an Internet page other than MAACLink. In the browser address bar at the top of the page (not a search engine bar) type the MAACLink website address. If you don’t have this, call us and we’ll help.

Once the login page loads, hit the browser’s refresh button or the ‘F5’ key at the top of your keyboard a few times. It will refresh the login page. You can confirm that you are on the most recent version of the software by looking at the text under the grey cartoon person on this screen. If you aren’t sure what the version number should be, call us and we’ll help.

Once you are on the most current version, you can now save this web page as your new Internet favorite/bookmark and/or desktop shortcut for MAACLink (you can either save over the old favorite or shortcut by using the same name as before or you can delete the old favorite or shortcut before starting these steps).

From that point, you can log in as normal. Once logged in, it is mostly likely not going to look any different to you but taking these steps will help to ensure you are on the most current version.

Questions or problems? As always, let us know… we’re happy to help!