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Thank You Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day today, not only do we extend a huge, heartfelt “Thank you!” to all service people and their families, we also want to shed light on the issue of veteran homelessness in the KC metropolitan area. Veterans are disproportionally represented in the homeless population throughout the country.

Last January, Wyandotte and Jackson county performed a count of all homeless individuals and found 1634 individuals experiencing homelessness. Of that group, 316 identified as veterans.

The story is the same in any city or county, big or small, across the country; roughly 20% of the homeless population are homeless veterans and their families. Men and women who gave so much to their country are without a roof over their head and don’t receive the help and services they need.

This Veterans Day thank those that served this great country but also support those organizations that help homeless veterans. Everyone deserves a home, especially those that sacrificed and risked so much to protect ours.

Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation

For more information on how to help programs that directly serve homeless veterans and their families contact the Salvation Army.