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A New Kind of Food Pantry: Social Supermarkets

With massive cuts to SNAP and food pantries struggling to meet the rising demand of their services, it’s time to think outside the box in how to approach and solve the problem and food insecurity. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Europe.


These Social Supermarkets are pretty cool, at least to me, for many reasons.

First, they take perfectly edible food that would have otherwise been thrown away and redistribute it to those who are hungry and willing to eat the asymmetrical apple. Landfills aren’t filled with food, but bellies are.

Secondly, it’s not a hand out. Patrons “buy” the food on the sliding scale. This creates a sense of pride for those individual served as they are not receiving charity. They are a customers and the pride that comes with that can be priceless.

Third, the money generated by these stores is capital for them! The money in turn is used for case management, cooking classes, etc and furthers the non-profits mission.

I’m really excited for the model of “food-pantry” and hope it becomes as widespread in the US and it is in Europe. What do you think? Do you like this model? Do you know of agencies in the states that use it? How do you feel this model could address food deserts?

The MAACLink Generated Standard Intake Form

The MAACLink generated Standard Intake Form is a report that a user can pull for a single day of service for the client after a service has been entered.  This form can be helpful for the client to be able to review the information entered that day and then sign off on the release on the bottom (this release is specific to managed funds and does not fulfill the requirements of the Client Consent and Release of Information form).  Some agencies use this form to pass along to their accounting or finance department so that they can issue the appropriate payment.  In addition this form is helpful to have in the client’s file for easy reference and provides the documentation necessary for audits.

Step by Step Guide to pulling a Standard Intake Form:

sif link

Once the data entry is complete for the client, this form can be pulled by clicking on Standard Intake Form on the left-hand navigation.

From there you simply follow three steps:

sif steps

Step 1 – Select the date of service you would like the Standard Intake Form to display.

Step 2 – Check the box if you would like the case notes entered for that day of service.

Step 3 – Click Ok.

final sif

From there, the Standard Intake Form will display.

Its important to note that your pop-up blocker must be disabled in order for the form to show up on your screen.

This form will include the client’s information, household members, the clients services received on that specific date, the most recent financial assessment and, if selected, case notes from that specific date.  It will also include an Application Certification which may be helpful when using managed funds.

If you right-click on the screen at this point you will have the option to print this document.

Having a printed copy of the MAACLink generated Standard Intake Form can be helpful to have in the client’s file.  It also can be used to complete the approval process for payment at your agency. However you choose to use the MAACLink generated Standard Intake Form at your agency please bear in mind you must abide by the privacy guidelines for MAACLink.  If you have questions about MAAClink privacy guidelines please contact us.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a blank Standard Intake Form used to complete an intake before the data is entered into MAACLink please see the section on MAACLink Forms.

How to see more than 10 pages of client services in MAACLink

Several MAACLink users have asked me recently how they can see more than the default 10 pages of client services on the client profile screen.  Some of them were trying to document chronic homelessness, while another just wanted more background on the client to inform her case management.

If you aren’t currently using our MAACLink social service software:

  • The “client profile” contains a person’s identifying, demographic, and housing status information (the HUD-defined universal data elements)
  • “Services” can be added to a profile to document all types of social services, from shelter bed nights to food pantry visits to case management and more

The Client Services screen automatically displays a client’s most recent 500 services, 50 services per page, up to 10 pages.  If a client has received more than 500 services, here’s a step-by-step process for accessing the entire service history:

  1. Search for the client profile under the Client Case Manager tab (yellow arrow in the screenshot below), Search for a Client screen (gray arrow).  Double-click the client profile you want from the search results
  2. Click on the Client Services screen (pink arrow)
  3. Search the service history by entering a start date (red arrow), end date (green arrow), and clicking the search button (purple arrow, bottom right corner).  It is usually OK to enter a long search period, even up to four years or more
MAACLink social service human services software screenshot

Click thumbnail to enlarge screenshot

This search will return more than 10 pages of results if the client has that many services; there may be 15, 20, or more pages.  You can sort the search results by clicking the column headers (I recommend sorting by date).  You can also export the services list to a spreadsheet using the green export icon at the bottom right corner of the list.

That’s it!  Any questions?