Searching (and Finding) Your Client in MAACLink

All data entry in HMIS is done on the client level. This means you first have to search for and find the client profile before you can give services, enroll them in a program, etc. MAACLink Client Search lets you perform a search on 5 different fields to find the client profile.

search fieldsSSN, Last Name, First Name and Client ID all accept “partial string” searches. Birth Date is an exact search field.

Let’s search for your client!

Start with the client’s SSN, even a partial will work! If their SSN is in the system correctly MAACLnk will find it.

search 2
If an SSN search doesn’t return an exact match, remove the SSN from the search field and try a different search term. We recommend trying Last Name next and to use only the last name. This will bring up all possible scenarios for the client name (i.e. Jeffrey Smith, Jeff Smith, Jeffry Smith).

If the Last Name returns a lot of results, add a letter or a string of two or three of the first name to filter results. For example, if your client’s name is Robert, use “ob” in the First Name field. The “ob” string will pick up Robert, Rob, Bob, Bobby, etc and will aid you in finding the client in MAACLink.

search 3
Once you have found an exact match for your client, you can open their profile and begin work.

After exhausting your search, if you’re unable to find the client you can click on the Add Client menu to create a brand new MAACLink profile. Doing a thorough search will prevent duplicate records existing for the same person and will improve overall data quality.

When duplicates are found send the client IDs to the MAAC Support team noting which ID should be kept. We’ll merge the records together and get rid of the extra profile(s).