SBCM Tools

SBCM Strengths Assessment Form – This assessment is a tool to facilitate a conversation with your client. It is intended to be holistic and assesses the individual within the context of their environment rather than simply addressing the problem situation. The assessment includes nine different life domains. Ideally, assessment is begun with the middle column which essentially looks at goals, and as the conversation goes from there, the other relevant fields are discussed.

SBCM Personal Goal Plan Form – The personal goal plan is a useful tool in case management because it details the measurable objectives that both the client and case worker/advocate are working towards. This goal plan flows from the completed Strengths Assessment.

SBCM Life Domain Rating Scale FormThe life domain rating scale can be a useful tool in assisting clients think about where they are at time of entry into a program and where they would like to be at a point in the future (30 days, time of exit, etc.). This tool is also beneficial if used as a pre and post test because clients can see progress made.