Reasons to Smile

Today as we reflect on the tragic events of 13 years ago, our thoughts are with the thousands affected by 9/11 as well as our country and its leaders.

Tribute in Light

It seems like it’d also be a good time to point out just a few things I’ve recently seen that might give us some reasons to smile… Because that’s never a bad thing.

Like this Indianapolis police officer who stopped not to hassle a homeless man, but instead to give him a new pair of boots. And the indy police officer shares bootsfact that an Indiana Pacers player captured it on his drive home from the gym and shared it with his almost 200K Instagram followers, is just icing on the cake.


shower bus


Or these retired San Francisco Muni Buses that a woman, with the help of the city, turned into mobile showers for the homeless.


Also, this agency in Vancouver who created pop-up shelters for their homeless out of existing city benches. The benches also give more info about how to get connected with their services.

park bench shelter

And just yesterday here in our very own KC, the sweetest thing I’m so happy to have witnessed all week (maybe so far all month) – on a corner just south of the Plaza where you can commonly find a homeless person with their sign, an older gentleman stood just that way. Trying to ask for some compassion; whether he was looking for money or food or some work, I’m not sure. I was stopped at a light headed in a direction not facing him and didn’t even notice until one of the cars going toward him slowed and rolled down their window. A hand emerged holding two large boxes of pizza and grocery sack with what appeared to be a couple two-liters of soda. I wish that I had a video of not only the kind act, but the huge, seemingly never-ending (nearly toothless) grin on his face! The little jig he danced and the gratitude and almost disbelief he showed to the person in the car will hold in my memory. We know that didn’t solve all his problems, but wow… for that moment, he had a reason to smile. It was one of the greatest looks of joy I’ve seen.

So this week, as we remember the past and quite possibly have some difficult days, I’m going to try to remind myself that it’s often the little things that make a big difference.