A New Resource for Volunteer Opportunities in KC

UW 2

I’m excited to announce that United Way of Greater Kansas City is launching their new volunteer site – Get Connected!   This new site has great tools to help you find volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and connect you with people, events, and causes throughout the greater Kansas City area.

Get Connected works much like a social networking site where you can create your own account and customize the features to fit your needs.  You can personalize your account by identifying your areas of interest so that the site can do the work of finding relevant volunteer opportunities in your area.  Creating your account also allows you to link with other social networking sites so you can spread the word about the causes you are passionate about with your friends and family.

The website isn’t just for those wanting to commit to volunteering long-term either.  The events page offers information on all the upcoming volunteer events in the area, so even if you have a few hours on a Saturday to spare, you can find a place to volunteer.  For those who can’t spare even a few hours, there is something for you as well.  The site offers a listing of current donation needs by agency so you can see where you can donate goods to make a difference in your community.

If you are an agency, this site will also give you access to new tools.  Just like individuals, agencies can sign up for an account as well.  Get Connected provides a comprehensive way for agencies to share information on volunteer opportunities, events and donation requests all in one place.

I’m so excited about the launch of this new site and I hope you take a chance to check out Get Connected for yourself!