New ESG HMIS Intake Form

One of my goals as an HMIS Administrator is to make data entry as easy and as painless as possible. Sometimes this is a lofty goals given all the requirements put on us by the powers that be. Other times, however, we are able to create simple tools to help you; our user!

Last week the *new* ESG HMIS Intake form was created. This form is a paper version of the entire ESG Assessment found in MAACLink. Now, you’re able to have exactly what you need on paper before you sit down to do your ESG HMIS data entry.

If you had been using the HMIS Entry Form then you were collecting more data than needed to be entered. If you weren’t using any form than you might have been collecting too little. With this new ESG HMIS Intake form you will collect just the right amount.

This new form, as well as many other forms, can be found under MAAC Product Support>MAACLink Forms.

Happy Data Entry!