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MAACLink is used by nonprofit agencies throughout communities for numerous purposes. This online software system is easily integrated to the specific needs of agencies, their requirements and unique services.

The following highlight the primary functions of MAACLink.

Information Sharing

Using MAACLink, agencies have access to a database of clients and their services, shared with other MAACLink users in their community. This information-sharing across geographic and political boundaries creates a “virtual social service agency” in a community. This access achieves the following:

  • Reduction of duplication of services
  • Confirms eligibility for services
  • Limited assistance resources are stretched to meet the needs of the greatest number of eligible clients
  • Information about unmet needs is captured
  • Reports on services, programs, and outcomes can be easily generated
  • Comparative data can evaluate the community’s response to the needs of low-income citizens and thus generating more funding for¬†communities

Fund Management

MAACLink features a Fund Management module allowing an agency to verify a recipient’s eligibility, document services, and retrieve reports on services and clients. On-line fund balances are available on MAACLink for internal agency management and networking among the agencies in the metropolitan Kansas City area and throughout portions of Kansas and Missouri. Features include:

  • Resource allocation and accounting at the client, agency and community level
  • Built-in eligibility guidelines to ensure clients meet fund criteria.
  • Supports paperless grant approval process
  • Generates checks to vendors or Letters of Direction for bank or accounts payable departments, including lists of customer accounts for application of payment by vendor
  • Makes real-time fund balances available to all participating agencies

Case Management

MAACLink allows Case Managers to electronically maintain client records, access Strength Based Case Management tools and develop goals with corresponding action steps. Follow-up accomplishments are easily documented and full reporting capabilities are available.

Shelter Management

Electronic management of emergency shelter clients is available with MAACLink. Features include:

  • Streamlined, customized shelter intake that instantly attaches supportive services
  • Community-wide shelter bed reservation in real time
  • Agency specific shelter barring

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