Jackson and Wyandotte County Point-In-Time Data Complete

Last Friday the Jackson County, MO and Wyandotte County, KS Continua of Care reached an important milestone on their way to submitting Point-In-Time (PIT) count data to HUD.  After many weeks of data entry (thanks, volunteers!) and MAACLink development, I created the master data sets using the new MAACLink 100,000 Homes report and turned them over to the respective COCs.

Of course we’ll use this data to complete the PIT count, but because we used OrgCode‘s VI-SPDAT as our survey tool there’s much more we can do.  We can:

  • Assess the acuity (i.e. depth of need) of people experiencing homelessness individually, by sub-population, and for the entire community
  • Track our follow-up with clients, including when they are re-housed
  • Create much more meaningful, detailed, and actionable reports to the community

The 100,000 Homes workflow and report are now available to all MAACLink users who want to take advantage of it.  100,000 Homes Assessments – essentially the VI-SPDAT plus a few local questions – can be added to any client profile.  The report returns all data fields from the assessment back in a .CSV client grid for sorting, reporting, and follow-up.  Contact me if you would like further information about how to use this feature in MAACLink.

What could you do, if you knew every person experiencing homelessness in your community by name and depth of need?