A Great Season for Indirect Services

Many of the agencies we work with do a lot for their community during the holiday season. gifts Some of the holiday services that agencies provide are easier to record and report on than others.  Here at MAAC our goal is to make sure that each of our agencies have a way to report on all the work that they do, big and small.

Generally when a service is given to an individual or family it is applied as a service on the client’s profile. In order to do this type of data entry the agency must collect all the required information on that client including name, date of birth, ethnicity, race etc. We know that there are times when collecting this information from each client is not possible.  To accommodate these types of situations we have offered Indirect Services as an alternate place to record services.  Indirect Services allows an agency to record a service that was provided to a large group without collecting client information on each individual.  You can read more about how to use Indirect Services here.

Indirect Services is a great place to record things such as holiday meals given to a large group, a mass holiday food giveaway, or even for an event where gifts are distributed to a large group.  All these services can be recorded as Indirect Services which then allows the agency to report on it using the Service Summary Report.  Its helpful to be able to report on these types of large distributions of holiday services so that agencies can show the full scope of the work they do for their community.

If you have any questions about using Indirect Services at your agency please contact the MAAC office.