It’s that magical time of year again, it’s AHAR season. For those fortunate enough to not know, AHAR is the Annual Homeless Assessment Report that each CoC is responsible to complete. In a nutshell the AHAR captures aggregate data on beds/program slots, who filled them and how long they stayed and where they went when they left.

The AHAR was first compiled in 2007 by 80 communities and has been gaining steam ever since. The original 2007 report took 4 years to complete was presented to Congress to provide a baseline answer to some questions, including: Who is homeless? How many families & individuals utilize emergency housing resources? Are there use patterns? What is the nation’s emergency housing capacity?

This report is generally completed and submitted by your HMIS Lead or your HMIS Administrator, depending on your CoC’s governance. Here are MAAC we’re hard at work preparing and submitting this data for many of the communities that we serve.

So if you hear one of us mumbling about AHAR just know it must be between October 1 and December 15th!