Advocate for Utilicare Funding

Many of us are still reeling from the effects of the polar vortex that swept through our nation this winter.  With the weather improving and schools back in session, I thought we were out of the woods, until our utility bill came.  I was absolutely shocked when I saw our utility bill had increased 50% from last month. Despite my shock and horror at my own situation, I realize there are people in our community who have it much worse.

Unfortunately it’s some of our most vulnerable neighbors that suffer the greatest in these timesbills  of severe weather.  Many of the elderly and disabled live in sub-par housing with minimal insulation, draft windows and poor heating systems which can lead to even higher utility bills.  In addition many of them are on a fixed income and simply don’t have the money to pay for a higher than average utility bill.

If you want to help your neighbors in need this winter, but aren’t able to donate money, you can advocate for Utilicare funding in Missouri.  Utilicare funding helps those who are elderly and disabled during times like these when they are needing help paying their heating bills.  The best way to advocate for this funding is to write to your representatives and tell them about the need for Utilicare.   To get involved you can check out Megan’s Blog post Letters of Support for MO Utilicare and get to work writing your representatives.